anomaly detection for operations & performance management

IT Security Analytics

Concerned that signature based defenses aren't enough? Our unsupervised machine learning anomaly detection algorithms analyze your proxy logs and network data to uncover the fingerprints of advanced persistent threats that have already breached your perimeter.


anomaly detection for security analytics and advanced threat detection

IT Operations & Performance Analytics

Need more than thresholds and 'eyeballs on timecharts'? Our unsupervised, machine learning analytics scale from devops start ups to webscale environments. They process your existing log and metric data and provide the cross-correlated insights you need to find and fix problems fast.


Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Need to go beyond search to find statistical behavior outliers in machine data? Our API has been implemented on Hadoop, Elasticsearch and NoSQL datastores, is built for speed at scale and is proven in over 100 production installations. Download a free developer's license today!


Anomaly Detective®
Machine Learning, Automated Anomaly Detection

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