Anomaly Detective®
Machine Learning, Automated Anomaly Detection

anomaly detection for operations & performance management

Operations & Performance Management

Managing an environment that's too big or complex for traditional approaches? Our advanced analytics process huge data volumes in real-time and provide the cross-correlated insights you need to find and fix problems as they develop. It's 100% unsupervised machine learning - no rules or thresholds required.

anomaly detection for security analytics and advanced threat detection

Security Analytics & Advanced Threat Detection

Security based solely on known threats isn't going to stop today's cyber criminals. Anomaly Detective® analyzes huge swaths of data from IDS, proxy servers or network devices to uncover the fingerprints of advanced persistent threats and data exfiltration that you just can't find by searching for signatures.

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Application Developers, Product Vendors and DevOps

Looking to run anomaly detection on data you've stored in Hadoop, Cassandra, Elastic Search or elsewhere? Download a free developer's license and leverage our Open API. Our Anomaly Detective® engine is built for speed, scale and robust deployment and proven in over 100 production installations.

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