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What is Prelert?

Every day, enterprise machine data is churned out by the terabyte— time-stamped logs from your network devices, security appliances, servers, endpoints, applications, users, and more.  The information required to effectively manage and secure complex IT infrastructures is hidden in all this data, but it’s simply impractical or impossible for humans to find it unassisted.

IT professionals have had no choice but to develop and maintain a set of rules, signatures, and thresholds to monitor this data in an attempt to identify problems or incidents.  Frequently, the result has been that analysts and operators stare at meaningless dashboards plagued with false alarms. 

At Prelert, we know there’s a better way. We help IT teams find and fix real problems much faster. How? Using machine learning algorithms that get smarter every minute. They don’t require you to write rules, create thresholds, or anticipate every possible move a hacker might make.  Instead, Prelert analyzes your data, finds anomalies, links them together and tells the story behind advanced threat activity and operations issues.

Most importantly Prelert’s algorithms are based on your data, to ensure accuracy. Because the only way to know what’s “abnormal” is to know what’s normal for your organization.

Prelert behavioral analytics for IT security and operations teams

Early Detection of Incidents

Detect advanced threat activity such as data exfiltration and command and control communication in near real-time. Identify IT security and operations problems before users report them, and catch issues that directly affect business KPIs.

Faster Root Cause Discovery

Find the root cause of anomalies faster. Get the full story behind cyberthreats, IT ops issues, and business disruptions with algorithms that learn minute-to-minute what is normal for your environment. Involve fewer people in triage and get answers fast.

Reduced False Positives

Because Prelert’s analytics run on log data from a broad set of sources, they are able to consider more context than monitoring tools that rely on a single source. This additional context helps to significantly reduce false positives.

Prelert Products

Behavioral Analytics for the Elastic Stack Beta

Automates the analysis of massive Elasticsearch data sets

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Anomaly Detective App For Splunk (End of Life)

Prelert's behavioral analytics platform for Splunk

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Anomaly Detective API Engine Beta

Prelert's behavioral analytics platform for other data stores

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You’re in good company.

Progressive IT organizations rely on Prelert to detect incidents earlier, reduce false positive alerts, and enable faster root cause discovery.

  • " Prelert dramatically reduced the alerts I need to investigate, and I only see relevant information. "


    Marco Bizzantino
    CTO - IT Superhero, Kiratech

  • " Prelert helps me quickly spot actionable abnormalitites in a very diverse IT ecosystem. "


    Alexander Norris
    Data Scientist, Fortune 500 Insurance Company

  • " I like Prelert because I haven't had to tune a single IDS rule since it was deployed. "


    Craig Merchant
    Sr. Security Architect, Fortune 500 IT Vendor

  • " Prelert finds the unusual OS, DB, and application accesses that otherwise would be missed so my customers can meet strict banking regulations. "


    Mika Borner
    Management Consultant Data Analytics, LC Systems

Use Prelert's machine learning capabilities to automate the analysis of massive data sets, eliminate manual effort, and reduce human error.

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