predictive analytics

Get Big Data Insights with Behavioral Analytics

Is your environment too big, complex or changing too quickly for classical monitoring approaches to be effective? Prelert packages behavioral analytics data science into highly accessible solutions to give you the insights you need, easy and fast.

machine learning

Stay Ahead of Security & Performance with Machine Learning

Prelert's Anomaly Detective uses the latest unsupervised machine learning technologies to automatically analyze huge volumes of data and identify the anomalous behaviors that accompany security threats and performance issues.

install it now

Install it Now & Get Answers in Minutes

Prelert is 100% self-learning so it provides value in minutes. No rules, models or thresholds to create and maintain. No days, weeks or months of implementation and 'training the algorithms.' Spend less time mining your data and more time building new capabilities.

Anomaly Detective - Automated Anomaly Detection and Behavioral Analytics

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