automated anomaly detection

IT Operations & Performance Management

Is your IT environment too big, too complex or changing too quickly for management approaches developed last century? Anomaly detection analytics obsolete thresholds and rules, provide correlated insights answers that slash troubleshooting times and let you find and fix problems as they develop and before they become critical.

IT security anomaly detection software

Security Analytics & Advanced Threat Detection

Security based only on known threats is not going to stop today's advanced criminal enterprises. Anomaly detection security analytics can find the fingerprints of advanced persistent threats, exfiltrations and rogue insiders in IDS alerts, proxy logs and network traffic data. Stop breaches early and mitigate losses.

anomaly detective open api

Anomaly Detective Open API for Developers

Building your own enterprise application, looking to incorporate anomaly detection in your product or building a DevOps tool as agile as your or environment? Leverage the power of the industries leading machine learning anomaly detection analytics in your application. Download our open API product and plug it into your Elastic Search, Logstash, Kabana stack environment.

Anomaly Detective - Automated Anomaly Detection and Behavioral Analytics

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