Advanced operations analytics is a term for big data as used by IT for use cases including:

  • optimizing service performance
  • minimizing security issues
  • managing change
  • optimizing capacity across internal IT and the extended enterprise
  • governing IT more effectively

Effective advanced analytics investments are blending those values and promoting more beneficial ways to work across IT.

Among the questions answered in this research report, you will find:

  • What data sources (e.g. events, time series data, log file data, business data, etc.) are being prioritized in the present and future?
  • What analytics are most preferred based on use case and buyer type, such as real-time predictive, future/trending/data mining, transaction-based, what/if analytics, etc.?
  • What are the most critical use cases for advanced operations analytics in the real world?
  • What kinds of benefits have been achieved to date?
  • What organizational, process, or other “political” roadblocks might stand in the way of cross-domain analytics for IT and how are they being overcome?
  • What integrations with other IT investments are preferred in general and based on use case?


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