Advanced Threat Detection with Machine-Generated Intelligence

Half of IT Security pros believe they're an unlikely target for an attack - yet 61% lack confidence in their ability to detect advanced threats.

The latest Ponemon Study exposes this contradiction as well as many other disconnects that IT professionals have between perception and reality. The report, Advanced Threat Detection with Machine-Generated Intelligence, delves into these finding and more:

  • Shockingly, half of security pros don't even view themselves as a target, despite evidence of the increasing volume and severity of cyberthreats.
  • There are clear discrepancies in the way security teams are viewing and reacting to advanced persistent threats. Overall, they’re not confident in their ability to detect advanced threats, but they’re not doing much about it.
  • When asked what type of cyberattacks cause the greatest concern, the most common answer by far was advanced persistent threats (67 percent), followed by zero-day attacks (57 percent) and login attacks (37 percent).

Download this free research report prepared by Ponemon Institute Chairman Dr. Larry Ponemon to see the rest of the findings, such as the perceptions about the importance of machine-generated intelligence solutions, the value of security analytics tools, and more.

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