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3 Ways That Anomaly Detection Software Improves Your IT Operations and Performance Issues

How Anomaly Detection Software Reduces Troubleshooting Time, Reduces False Alerts, and Helps Catch Performance issues Before End Users Find Them


Countless surveys of IT operations and application performance management professionals have shown three major issues to be among their “key challenges”:

  • Users report too many problems before IT is aware of them;
  • They do not have the data required to find the cause of problems quickly; resulting in
  • Too much time spent troubleshooting problems.

Anomaly detection software changes this paradigm by allowing the majority of potentially important metrics and notifications to be automatically analyzed in real-time

In this FREE 5-page whitepaper, learn how IT Ops professionals are using this type of software to:

  • Cut down noisy false alerts from (useless) thousands per day to a (more accurate) dozen per week
  • Reduce troubleshooting times and SME involvement through cross-correlated analyses of multiple metric and notification streamsto serach for causal relationships
  • Monitor data in real-time with automated continuous background searches to find the "early wobble" and flag potential issues before they impact end users

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