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Why Every IT Security Team Needs Anomaly Detection Software

How Anomaly Detection Software Identifies Advanced Threats, Rogue Users and Mines Information out of IPS, Gateway and Proxy Logs


By leveraging machine learning, you can quickly determine a "normal" baseline and immediately and automatically identify any abnormalities for early detection of advanced threats.

In this FREE 5-page whitepaper, learn how IT security professionals are using this type of software to:

  • Automatically cut through the noise of "useless" alerts to identify the real outliers
  • Cross-correlate to find unusual activity across multiple data sources you could never catch with writing rules
  • Efficiently monitor IPS/IDS logs, as well as web proxy data
  • Quickly pinpoint rogue users by comparing their behavior to a baseline of "normal"
  • Spot unusual system activity before your perimeter becomes compromised
  • Identify unknown security threats (zero-day attacks)

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