IT Ops / APM

Anomaly Detection = Proactive Management

If your infrastructure is a mix of cloud, premises, virtualization and complex applications you're likely very familiar with the limitations of traditional 'rules and threshold' approaches to monitoring.

Prelert's 100% self-learning anomaly detection analytics let you take that next step along the infrastructure and applications performance management maturity curve. Analyze millions of metrics and log notifications in real-time to find anomalous activities that are the early warning signs of impending problems and get the causal data you need to see resolve problems as they develop.

Spend less time coaxing answers from your monitoring system and more time being the hero.

Root-Cause in Real-Time

anamoly_screenshotWhen hard to find system problems force self-service callers into a Customer Service Representative queue, each minute is costly in terms of both profit and customer satisfaction. This call center operations staff uses Prelert to find problems and their cause as they develop and resolve them before they impact the business.

SNAP Interactive: SNAP_interactive_webinarMeasuring the Impact of Change

“We have found that the most efficient way for us to understand if our constant flux is moving us in the right direction is to monitor for significant anomalies. If something in our data deviates significantly all of a sudden, it probably means we’ve messed something up. Prelert gives us the visibility to see how our changes affect our data in real-time.” 


Reducing Alerts from Thousands to Handfuls

anamoly_screenshot_2When you have tens of millions of customers relying on you for TV, phone and internet services, you take customer satisfaction seriously. This ISP uses Prelert to monitor millions of events in real-time, reduce thousands of alerts to an accurate few and relate problems with causes in minutes. See why they say, "when Prelert sends alerts, we jump!"