IT Operations, Infrastructure & Application Performance

Automated anomaly detection makes it easy to monitor and cross-correlate more of your metric and log data, in real-time. Instead overwhelming volumes of false alerts from difficult to set thresholds, Prelert users get a handful of highly accurate alerts that show impact and cause. Instead of putting 'eyeballs on timecharts', they find problems before users report them and solve them faster with fewer people.


Find and Fix Problems Before Users Call

  • Accurately detect the early wobbles behind developing performance problems
  • Get actionable alerts that contain the causal data you need to solve them quickly



Slash The Amount of Time and People Involved in Troubleshooting

  • Get actionable alerts that contain cross-correlated root cause information
  • Eliminate guesswork and only involve the people who can actually fix the problem


Turn Thousands of False Alerts into an Accurate, Actionable Handful

  • Proactively monitor environments to complex to accurately threshold
  • Reduce the number of alerts from thousands per day to an accurate few
  • Get actionable, cross-correlated info that allows you to 'hit the ground running'