IT Security

Automated anomaly detection provides the advanced security analytics needed to cover the gaps in signature based perimeter defenses. Prelert users routinely scan web proxy and network traffic logs to detect data exfiltrations initiated by rogue users or cybercriminals. Easily find unusual processes running on one server out of thousands without rules. Analyze the thousands of high severity alerts produced by your IDS/IPS devices for the anomalies that indicate a concerted focus by advanced attackers.



Find the Advanced Persistent Threats Already Inside Your Perimeter

  • Automatically scan thousands of individual servers for suspicious connections
  • Drill down in real-time to the forensic detail you need to make fast decisions
  • No signatures or rules required


Easily Identify the Anomalous Behavior Patterns of Rogue Users

  • Automatically compare the behavior of individuals to their peers
  • Easily identify behaviors that are suspicious in multiple ways
  • Get the evidence you need as it is happening



Filter the Important Stuff out of Noisy IDS and IPS Logs

  • Stop ignoring thousands of daily high severity alerts
  • Uncover important focused or new attacks
  • Turn that noise into the handful of accurate alerts a week that you need to know about



Accurately Identify Attacks Without Signatures or Rules

  • See how we handled a Honeynet Project firewall log analysis challenge
  • In minutes, we flagged unusual port scan and connection attempts without rules or signatures