Security Analytics Use Cases

What use cases can Prelert's behavioral analytics cover for you?

With Prelert, customers can quickly deploy use cases that detect behaviors associated with advanced threats; rapidly speeding detection and reducing dwell time. Get started by selecting a tab to look at use cases by data source type or by threat indicator category. Based on your tab choice, you can filter to see a list of detectable elementary attack behaviors with a link to the “Hot Sheet” use case configuration.


    These use cases detect anomalies associated with elementary cyberattack behaviors. In Prelert Analytics, each detected anomaly is assigned a normalized Anomaly Score, and is annotated with values of other fields in the data that have statistical influence on the anomaly. Elementary attack behaviors that share common statistical Influencers are linked together into anomaly groups called Insights. Insights are assigned an Insight Score based on the number and severity of anomalies they contain, and other factors. Insights are presented in an Insight Storyline, a visual representation of cyberattack progression that lists Influencers and the degree to which the various anomaly Detectors contribute to the Insight.

    Automate data analysis, eliminate manual effort, and reduce human error.

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