Value of Security Analytics & Anomaly Detection

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This infographic features highlights from the EMA research report, Data-Driven Security Reloaded.


Highlighted results include:

  • 95% of respondents using security analytics are highly confident to somewhat confident of their ability to detect similar issues
  • What keeps organizations from being confident on breach detection?
    • 50% Too many false positives
    • 38% Too much uncorroborated data / lack of context
    • 12% Too many alerts to handle
  • 6 value drivers for advanced analytics
    • 57% It provides unique or specialized data for context
    • 36% Better data flexibility and adaptability to address a wide range of requirements
    • 36% Better data correlation and fidelity for creating response
    • 29% Lower false positives
    • 29% Reduces incident response time
    • 29% Supports more usable data formats
  • Better trend analysis / anomaly detection for incident response and breach detection for reduced false positives cited as #1 capability for accelerating incident response

  • Advanced Analytics Is a top 3 technology when considering benefit vs total cost of ownership (TCO)

Data-Driven Security Analyst Research


why all IT Security professionals should be using anomaly detection software


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