Prelert Behavioral Analytics


Behavioral analytics for IT security and operations

Prelert’s behavioral analytics platform uses machine learning to detect anomalies across massive data sets. Our algorithms automate the analysis of an organization’s log data to find anomalies, link them together, and give you real insight into what’s happening with your data. Prelert helps IT security and operations professionals identify advanced security threats and IT performance problems faster and more accurately, eliminating manual effort and human error while reducing false positives. Prelert: Let your data tell the story.


img-real-problems-02Behavioral Analytics for the Elastic Stack Beta

Automates the analysis of massive Elasticsearch data sets

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img-real-problems-03Anomaly Detective API Engine Beta

Prelert’s behavioral analytics platform for other data stores

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img-real-problems-01Anomaly Detection App for Splunk (End of Life)

Prelert’s behavioral analytics platform for Splunk

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Unsupervised Machine Learning
Prelert’s machine learning algorithms automate the analysis of massive sets of machine data, building and maintaining accurate statistical models of your data without the need for training. Even better, organizations don’t need a team of data scientists to use Prelert effectively.

More Accurate Anomaly Detection
Prelert’s sophisticated machine learning anomaly detection provides you with accurate information (read: fewer false positives) so you can quickly detect, investigate and respond to anomalous activity. Automated analytics eliminates manual effort writing rules. and human error parsing alerts.

Organization-Specific Insights
One of the top challenges for IT security is baselining “normal” behavior in order to detect abnormal behavior.  Our threat Insights and causal insights let your data tell the story. Arranged in time order and grouped by common entities, automated insights tell you what you need to know now and what requires further investigation.

Faster Data Analysis
At the scale and complexity of modern IT environments, an overwhelming volume of data and alerts tells you nothing. Our platform is designed to analyze massive, high-cardinality data sets in moments, visually showing you what you need to know and making it easy to investigate and explore, uncovering what is worthy of your attention.

Near Real-Time Alerts
The moment it is aggregated, Prelert analyzes your log data, generating accurate models that evolve as fast as your data does, identifying outlier user behavior and alerting you about what is most important in your environment.

Who is Prelert For?

Prelert is for operations and engineering teams in:

  • IT Security
  • IT Operations Management
  • Business Operations

Who have machine (time-stamped) log data in:

  • Elasticsearch
  • Splunk
  • Other Log Management/Search Platforms
  • Big Data Stores

Who need machine learning behavioral analytics capabilities such as:

  • Anomaly detection
  • Linked anomaly insights
  • Near real-time analysis
  • Advanced correlation and categorization

Sample Use Cases

Security Analytics

  • Detect DNS Data Exfiltration (Tunneling) in DNS Query Requests
  • Detect Suspicious Network Activity (App-Port) in Firewall Logs
  • Detect Suspicious Login Activity in Endpoint Detection and Response Logs
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IT Operations Causal Insights

  • Analyze Operational Metrics
  • Discover Root Cause
  • Track Business KPIs

Retail Order Analytics

  • Detect Revenue-Impacting Events
  • Accurately Model Periodic Behaviors
  • Find Operational, Process-Related, or Externally-Created Issues

Automate data analysis, eliminate manual effort, and reduce human error.