Machine Learning Analytics

Anomaly Detective is a powerful machine learning analytics product that layers on top of data aggregation technologies like Splunk. Anomaly Detective automatically establishes models of normal behaviors it observes in huge volumes of data. It then uses highly accurate statistical analysis to identify anomalies in those behaviors and provides correlated results back to the user that explain the rarity, severity or impact of the outlier data. In IT environments, for instance, Anomaly Detective rapidly identifies the outlier behaviors that could indicate performance problems or security threats. Anomaly Detective makes forensic analysis, troubleshooting and proactive monitoring efforts vastly more efficient by eliminating the time-consuming need for humans to mine the data through search or configure monitoring thresholds for alerts.


Automated Anomaly Detection Analytics

  • Any data type indexed by Splunk (logs, events, etc.)
  • Automatically baselines normal behavior patterns
  • Identifies problems as they develop - before user impact
  • Isolates related causal data in real-time
  • Get answers in minutes - no thresholds required




It's a Native App for Splunk Enterprise

  • Leverages Splunk GUI and data management
  • Advanced analytics embedded as commands
  • Pre-constructed dashboards
  • Employs summary indexes for real-time deployments

Ad Hoc or Real-Time

  • Auto-baselines values and rates of fields
  • Learns relationships between fields across sourcetypes
  • Identifies and scores anomalies by severity and impact
  • Isolates causal data driving performance & security issues
  • Download now and solve your first problem in minutes!


Autodetect_Population_security_screenshotFind Outliers to Normal Population Behaviors

  • Automatically defines normal behaviors of a population
  • Behaviors span multiple data fields, sourcetypes
  • Quickly find outliers with significant anomalous behaviors

Compare Today to a Gold Standard

  • Choose time periods for comparison
  • Quickly identify 'what changed'
  • Simple, easy-use-dashboard


Categorize Unstructured Data

  • Machine learning automatically classifies unstructured event strings
  • Learn what kinds of messages are in your data
  • Leverage to track anomalies in their occurrences over time
  • View the datasheet