Anomaly Detective App for Splunk (End of Life)

Extend the power of Splunk with Prelert’s behavioral analytics platform

Behavioral analytics for IT security and operations teams

Prelert’s behavioral analytics platform extends Splunk’s standard searches by analyzing your search results, finding anomalies in the data and linking them together, letting your data tell the story behind advanced cyber threats and IT performance problems. Using machine learning anomaly detection, Prelert enables:


img-real-problems-01Early Detection of Incidents

Detect advanced threat activity such as data exfiltration and command and control communication in near real-time. Identify IT operations problems before users report them.

img-real-problems-02Faster Root Cause Discovery

Find the root cause of anomalies faster. Get the full story behind cyberthreats and IT ops issues with algorithms that learn minute-to-minute what is normal for your environment.  Involve fewer people in triage and get answers fast.

img-real-problems-03Reduced False Positives

Because Prelert’s analytics run on log data from a broad set of sources, they are able to consider more context than monitoring tools that rely on a single source.  This additional context helps to significantly reduce false positives.

Anomaly Detective for Splunk App (End of Life):
Let Your Data Tell the Story

Prelert helps you automate the analysis of massive Splunk data sets, eliminating manual effort and human error. Downloaded as a native Splunk app, Prelert operates within distributed environments, leveraging summary statistics for massive scalability. We analyze your data as it is aggregated into Splunk, turning your existing dashboards into accurate, near real-time alerts and insights in under a minute.


  • Installs as a native Splunk app
  • Extends Splunk search with Prelert’s behavioral analytics
  • Identifies anomalous behavior patterns in near real-time
  • Minimizes requirements for domain expertise
  • Offers advanced insights to help solve the most complex issues

Sample Use Cases

Security Analytics

  • Detect DNS Data Exfiltration (Tunneling) in DNS Query Requests
  • Detect Suspicious Network Activity (App-Port) in Firewall Logs
  • Detect Suspicious Login Activity in Endpoint Detection and Response Logs
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IT Operations Insights

  • Analyze Operational Metrics
  • Discover Root Cause
  • Track Business KPIs

Retail Order Analytics

  • Detect Revenue-Impacting Events
  • Accurately Model Periodic Behaviors
  • Find Operational, Process-Related, or Externally-Created Issues

Automate data analysis, eliminate manual effort, and reduce human error.