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Solution Brief: Retail Order Analytics

Behavioral analytics solutions for retail offer early detection of revenue-impacting events for business operations teams.

Technical Brief: Prelert Analytics vs. Holt-Winters Filtering for Anomaly Detection

When looking at options for behavioral analytics and anomaly detection, you will find that what makes the real difference is the quality of the math or the statistical methods on which a solution is based. The better the math, the more accurate the results, and the more broadly applicable and scalable the solution. This technical brief includes a comparison of Prelert's analytics against the popular Holt-Winters method.

Math to the rescue! Try this novel hacking defense

Can drilling into logs tell you whether you have been — or are being — hacked? Yes, if you use advanced math to look for weird variations like Prelert does.

Research Report: Advanced Threat Detection with Machine-Generated Intelligence

Half of IT Security pros believe they're an unlikely target for an attack - yet 61% lack confidence in their ability to detect advanced threats. The latest Ponemon Institute study exposes this contradiction as well as many other disconnects that IT professionals have between perception and reality.

Analyst Research Report: Data-Driven Security Reloaded

The latest security research from EMA studied 18 security technologies year over year to determine that 95% of security analytics users are confident they can detect a data breach, security analytics tied for first place in value vs. TCO, and other insights.

Infographic: Value of Security Analytics and Anomaly Detection

This infographic displays at a glance what keeps organizations from being confident on breach detection, the 6 value drivers of advanced analytics, and the top 5 uses of security analytics. All statistics based on the EMA analyst report, Data-Driven Security Reloaded.

3 Ways Anomaly Detection Improves IT Operations and Applications Performance Management

Learn how IT Ops and APM professionals use anomaly detection software every day to help them cut through overwhelming false alerts, reduce troubleshooting time, and automatically detect potential problems before they spiral into major user issues.

Why Every IT Security Team Needs Anomaly Detection Software

By leveraging machine learning and behavioral analytics, anomaly detection can quickly determine a "normal" baseline from months of past data, and immediately and automatically identify any abnormalities - more accurately and efficiently than writing alert rules ever could.

14 Use Cases and Technical Examples

These articles provide instruction, and can be used as a guide to test drive use cases for machine learning anomaly detection.

Prelert Anomaly Detective: Finding Black Swans in Big Data

Anomalies are easy to find when they're big and frequent but what do you do when they're small and rare?

The Many Faces of Advanced Operations Analytics

Advanced operations analytics is a term for big data as used by IT for a variety of use cases including security, IT Ops, and APM. This free report shows that effective advanced analytics investments blend those use cases and promote more beneficial ways to work across IT.

ITOA Landscape: Game Changing Use Cases

Get this great eBook from ITOA Landscape on a collection of game-changing insights from 7 of the brightest thought leaders in IT Operations Analytics and how impacts common use cases facing IT management today.

Anomaly Detection in Application Performance Monitoring Data

This 7 page academic paper shows how the analytics and statistical methods behind anomaly detection solve the problems behind accurate application performance monitoring by enabling faster and more accurate results than traditional monitoring methods.

EMA Market Radar Report on Performance Analytics

This 2013 Market Radar report is Enterprise Management Associates' comparison of 22 advanced analytics vendors' product strengths. Get your free copy courtesy of Prelert!

Kusnetzky Group : Machine Learning Predictive Analytics Brief

This whitepaper by analyst and frequent contributor to ZDnet covers the benefit and need for automated anomaly detection analytics in Splunk environments.

Whitepaper : How Prelert Improves APM Data Usability

Learn how advances in machine learning software improve APM data usability and IT expert productivity while eliminating the need for KPI, thresholds or alert rules, and providing real-time root cause analysis.


Data Sheets

IT Operations Data Sheet: Behavioral Analytics for the Elastic Stack

Learn more about our IT operations analytics solutions for Prelert's Behavioral Analytics for the Elastic Stack.

IT Security Data Sheet: Behavioral Analytics for the Elastic Stack

Learn more about our security analytics solutions for Prelert's Behavioral Analytics for the Elastic Stack.

IT Security Data Sheet: Anomaly Detective for Splunk App

Learn more about our security analytics solutions for Prelert's behavioral analytics platform for Splunk.

IT Operations Case Study: Equens

With a winning business formula driving rapid growth of their IT infrastructure, Equens was inundated with monitoring alerts. They turned to Prelert to prioritize the alerts and slash troubleshooting times, enabling more business and data growth.

IT Security Case Study: Responsys

This digital marketer teamed with Prelert to detect rogue users using netstat data, find data exfiltrations, and make sense of IDS noise. Results include a shorter mean time to detection and greater visibility into advanced threats.

Prelert Anomaly Detective

Anomaly Detective can help IT professionals say goodbye to writing rules and thresholds and still be more efficient and effective at finding problems and threats before they impact the business.

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