Behavioral Analytics - Let Your Data Tell the Story Video

Prelert Behavioral Analytics: Let Your Data Tell the Story

Length: 0:45

Prelert automates analysis of your IT and security log data, finds anomalies for you, links them together, and presents you with your data story, so not only will you understand what happened, but how it happened.

Security Analytics - Machine Learning for IT Security explainer Video

Security Analytics: Anomaly Detection for IT Security

Length: 1:25

IT Security professionals can protect from advanced threats with security analytics. Machine learning anomaly detection finds the fingerprints of criminal activity in real-time so that you can detect problems early and act fast.

Machine learning IT ops explainer Video

Machine Learning Anomaly Detection for IT Ops

Length: 1:20

IT Ops, APM and DevOps professionals no longer need to use antiquated technology. With machine learning anomaly detection you can automate data analysis and detect problems early so that you can act fast - before users detect an issue.

Fast and Effective Security Analytics Use Cases

Fast and Effective Security Analytics Use Cases

Length: 52:58

Our VP of Security Products, Mike Paquette, demonstrates how security use cases can be quickly and effectively deployed using analytics recipes pulled from Prelert’s “Hot Sheet” security use case library. This webinar highlights examples of use cases being deployed in an Elasticsearch environment.

Anomaly Detection using Elasticsearch

Anomaly Detection using Elasticsearch

Length: 28:09

Stephen Dodson, Founder & CTO at Prelert, discusses anomaly detection using Elasticsearch during an Elastic London Meetup at Sainsbury's. You can view the slides from the presentation here.

Advanced Threat Detection WebinarAdvanced Threat Detection with Machine-Generated Intelligence

Length: 49:30

Dr. Larry Ponemon joins our VP of Security Products, Mike Paquette, to discuss the results of this Ponemon Institute study on advanced threat detection.

Security Analytics Webinar

Security: Is this Normal?

Using Machine Learning Anomaly Detection for Cyber Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response

Length: 32:54

Our VP of Security Products, Mike Paquette, demonstrates use cases that show how to know normal and detect abnormal by using machine learning anomaly detection.

IT Ops Webinar

IT Ops: Transforming IT Operations with Anomaly Detection

Length: 12:36

Rich Collier shares real use cases to demonstrate how businesses have transformed their IT Operations with machine learning anomaly detection.

VentureBeat Video Interview with Prelert CTO

VentureBeat Interview with Prelert CTO

Length: 4:31

At VentureBeat's 2014 big data conference, DataBeat, Prelert participated in the Innovation Showcase. At the event we discussed the importance of analytics, the significance of anomaly detection for end users, and the future of anomaly detection and machine learning.

Anomaly Detection in IT Systems at Scale

Anomaly Detection in IT Systems at Scale

Length: 31:09

Originally delivered at Data Science London, this talk looks at the problem of anomaly detection in large scale IT environments. Rule-based approaches are unmanageable and can't handle the complexity and scale of the data. Advanced Data Mining techniques are useful for improving the quality and scale of anomaly detection.

Practical Aspects of Machine Learning-based Anomaly Detection

Practical Aspects of Machine Learning-based Anomaly Detection of Advanced Cyberthreats

Length: 30:25, 22:44

In this video from the IEEE conference keynote, Prelert's Sr. Director of Cybersecurity discusses practical applications of Machine Learning-based Anomaly Detection (MLAD) in the area of Information Security/Cybersecurity, including detection of Advanced Cyberthreats.


How does anomaly detection work - overview video

Automated Anomaly Detection: A Look Under the Hood

Length: 4:05

Prelert's Director of Research and Development discusses anomaly detection from a more technical perspective, points out some of the data characteristics which make anomaly detection for real world problems challenging and describes some of the techniques we use for anomaly detection.

Anomaly Detective for Splunk video


Prelert and Splunk's Web Framework Make Anomaly Detection Easy

Length: 1:34

In this short video Prelert's CTO, Steve Dodson, explains the approach and analytics that make real-time anomaly detection possible on all Splunk data.


Security use case webinar with digital marketer ResponsysSecurity : Detecting Anomalies with Machine Learning

Length: 55:14

Responsys' Sr. Security Architect shows how he is detecting advanced threats and reducing thousands of IDS alerts to an actionable few with Prelert's Anomaly Detective.


DevOps use case webinar - SNAP InteractiveDevOps : Agile Monitoring User Webinar

Length: 57:01

SNAP Interactive deploys dozens of production changes a day making traditional monitoring based on thresholds pretty much useless. Their Principal Architect, Nick DiSanto, explains why the say "Prelert + Splunk = Winning Combination."


Splunk .conf13 videoWhat Prelert Does : Splunk .conf2013 Video

Length: 16:46

Director of Product Management, Rich Collier explains Prelert's mission, 'data science packaged for everyday decisions,' and how that manifests in our automated anomaly detection analytics product for Splunk.



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